Boundary & Property Line Surveys

Buying or selling property, subdividing land into parcels, constructing fences and other improvements, or resolving boundary disputes; Using a combination of deed research and on-site field observations, Unger Surveying & Construction produces accurate determination of property lines.

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Standard Procedure for a Boundary Survey

Boundary survey begins with research and examination of historical records relating to the subject and surrounding properties. Then comparing this information to field observations.

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Factors affecting the cost of a Boundary Survey

The actual cost of a boundary survey depends on many variables, most of which can be known only after initial site observations and deed research. The property size, terrain, vegetation, location, season influence the cost.

Matt and Dave were a pleasure to work with when I needed a boundary survey to be completed in a timely manner before our new home purchase. They were prompt, professional, and polite. Highly recommend this company!

– Madison Mattos

I could not be happier with the work completed by Unger Surveying & Construction. Highly recommend!

– Karen Kretzer

Gentlemen were outstanding with their work.

– Aaron Ghanayem

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